Fiona Connor
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First monograph

Texts by Sarah Lehrer Graiwer, Travis Diehl, Jan Bryant, and Kimberli Meyer

Dual softcover
164 pages
82 colour and 16 black+white images

First edition 1000 copies
Dimensions 8.9 x 11.2 x 0.6in
Designed by Fount–via
Printed in Aosta, Italy
ISBN 978-0-473-49434-6

RRP USD 45 / NZD 75 / EUR 38

USD 45

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Kimberli Meyer
No Place Like Home
pages 21—30

What does it mean when humans claim a delineated portion of the earth’s surface? For any given plot of soil, what is its real-estate story? At what point was it ‘owned’? How did that ‘ownership’ shift over time? Who are the players? What is at stake in the claims? These are some of the questions prompted by a close reading of Fiona Connor’s works, in particular, those that are structurally connected to real property. Color Census (2017) is a portrait of a Los Angeles street in the immediate vicinity of the gallery where Connor’s work is shown. Signs that change buildings (2014) reproduces the rental signs outside apartment buildings in the Los Angeles neighborhood where the artist lived at the time of making the work. Both works diagram a time and place from an articulated subject position. Each exposes coordinates that can reveal information that helps us approach our world critically.