Fiona Connor
+1 310 951 9459
First monograph
Texts by Sarah Lehrer Graiwer, Travis Diehl, Jan Bryant, and Kimberli Meyer

Dual softcover
224 pages
112 colour and 8 black+white images

First edition 500 copies
Dimensions 8.5 x 11 x 0.6in
Designed by Fount–via
Printed in Aosta, Italy

December 2019

USD 45

Fiona Connor
+1 310 951 9459
embroidered cotton towel, 2019

+1 310 951 9459 is a luxurious white cotton towel embroidered with a phone number. The work wryly synthesises crucial and recurring themes in Connor's work; the towel embodies a sustained interested in the domestic, and the interplay between private and public space, while the phone number (that belongs to the artist's close friend and collaborator) signals the artist's insistence on dialogue, and connectivity with a community.

1800 x 890mm
Edition 30
Includes a signed copy of the publication
NZD 750